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Pitkavish Custom Graphics
Just wanted to let you know that the ad we purchased from Talk'n Tables™ is just what we were looking for. I have received numerous jobs thanks to the exposure. The table top ads are a great concept, and I am glad we chose to get in on it. Thanks again!
Jimmie Pitkavish

Michael Whitlinger Designs
Just wanted to thank you for including me in the Table Top at the Doorstop. With being a new business, I needed all the good exposure I can get. The response from this ad has been great! Your team of designers developed a terrific ad that has helped business.
Michael Whitlinger

Monte Cello's Italian Restaurant
My restaurant is located in one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. New restaurants are popping up all over the place!! We've been in business since 1980, and it's hard to stay ahead of the curve and be different. These Talk'n Tables™ did just that and at the same time brought the business community into my restaurant. I'm glad I did it, and I look forward to getting more tables and businesses into my restaurant.
- Wayne Mateer, Owner
My customers love these tables... In fact, people request to sit at one of the Talk'n Tables™ instead of the plain ones. It gives them something to do while waiting for their food.
- J.B., Waitress
We hear comments like 'Wow, this is cool!,' and 'I know this business! What a great idea!'. Businesses that advertised on these tables are always coming in here now and bringing their friends with them.
- N.L.R., Waitress

The Irish Exchange
I would like to thank you for introducing Talk'n Tables™ to The Irish Exchange. I have found that the table ads have been a positive move both for cosmetic and advertising reasons. Mike was a pleasure to do business with and handled our representation on the tables perfectly to our liking.
The response from customers has been positive and the exposure of the table ads noticed.
-Barry T Busby

Steve Cable's Tree Removal
When the people of Talk'n Tables™ approached us about putting ads on the City Diner's tables, we didn't know what to do. We had never heard of this type of advertising before!
After some thought, my husband and I decided to give it a shot, and I can truly say we are glad we did.
The results went beyond our expectations. We have received good response!! We've tried other forms of advertising that didn't work, but this definitely did. We had 10 ads in the City Diner for 2 years at the same cost as what it cost us for one month in the Beaver County Times.
Although we still do other forms of advertising, Talk'n Tables will always be in our budget. People are always telling us they have seen our ads at the City Diner. It has paid for itself over and over again, and I would definitely do it again.
-Trish Cable, Owner

Palm Properties
Talk'n Tables™ helped us in achieving local exposure to our customers and show longevity of our business. Per viewing, the cost is very minimal and was worth what we paid.
-Lance Snyder, Owner

Penn Hills Kitchen Center
Rudy and I would like to let you know how happy and impressed we are with our ad on the tables at Morgans Restaurant in Penn Hills. Three years ago we placed our ad on the first set of tables at Morgans. We track all of our leads, and we know where every one comes from. Our Talk'n Tables™ ad has paid for itself over and over again! We are now on the 2nd set of tables at Morgans with a bigger ad! Your Talk'n Tables™ really work. Thanks for introducing us to Talk'n Tables™.
Rudy and Cookie Pongracz
Penn Hills Kitchen Center

Club 40
I have to be honest with you. When you first approached us with this idea, I was reluctant to do it. I had never heard or even seen anything like this. But after some thought and talking to my husband, Mike, I said, 'Let's do it!,' and I'm glad I did. Your Talk'n Tables™ exceeded my expectations. They're very classy and have given me something my competitors do not have.
My business has increased because all the advertisers come in with their friends. Some of their friends have never been here before.
Here's something that was very unexpected. We mentioned on the tables that we do catering. The week the tables were installed my catering business increased significantly.
-Marie Meeks, Owner

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